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More information for your mortgage application

Buying a house is often the culmination of a lifetime of hard work ... But why wait? With a mortgage, you can make your project a reality, with or without a contribution.
Acquiring real estate is the sign of a successful career and it's a way of thinking about the future, especially that of your children; moreover, investing in rental property is an attractive investment. You are convinced of the opportunity to buy now: all you have to do is find the credit suited to your needs, but it is not always easy to navigate.
A few points of reference will allow you to better understand the issues and how this form of borrowing works.

Real estate credit, how does it work?

To finance the acquisition or construction of your house, to carry out certain works, to buy the land for your future home, you can supplement your personal contribution by borrowing from a banking establishment or specialized in credit.
For your financial situation to be viable, the loan repayment must not exceed one third of your monthly income. The duration of the loan affects the repayment rate: a loan over twenty years costs more than a loan over ten years. The amount of the contribution also has an impact: a loan without contribution is more expensive.

Choose your mortgage by studying different criteria

The main thing for you is to determine whether your loan is based on a repayment at a fixed rate or at a variable rate: the fixed rate is more secure for long-term loans and the variable rate can be more interesting if the rates fall. .
To the repayment of the credit, it is necessary to add the compulsory subscription of an insurance, which is not necessarily that offered by the bank: here again, you will have to study the different rates and cover offered.

How to be sure not to forget anything?

There is a wide variety of formulas, because the different credits depend on variables depending or not on you: duration, amount, rate, possible revisions during the credit, nature of the insurance ... It may seem difficult to choose without help.
Two tools can greatly facilitate your task: the credit simulator and the credit comparator. The first performs the calculations for you, from your data: contribution, desired amount, duration ... The second allows you to identify, among several proposals, the repayment rate most suited to your project.

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