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Save money on your banking fees with our 100% online banking comparison.

Take advantage of the advantages of online banking , a cheaper or even free credit card (under conditions), reduced fees, your transactions in total freedom with mobile and tablet applications.

Hello Bank!

Offer valid until 02/05/2018: in order to benefit from a free Visa card + € 80 offered for opening an account ( with the code 80HB ) you must prove € 1,200 in monthly income (or a minimum deposit of € 5,000 on your Hello bank account!).

Conditions for opening a bank account
Initial payment required 300 €
Conditions of free Electron or Blue VISA card
€ 1,200 net / month or € 5,000 savings with Hello bank!
Conditions for free VISA PREMIER card
€ 2,400 net / month
Details of banking tariffs Hello bank!

Offer valid until 06/30/2018: your free VISA card + means of payment insurance for the first year.

Conditions for opening a bank account
Initial payment required 300 € by check
VISA card reimbursement conditions
700 € monthly expenses per card / year
VISA PREMIER card reimbursement conditions
€ 1,000 monthly expenses per card / year
BNP PARISBAS bank rate details

All about online banking

Historically addressed to informed customers and Internet specialists, online banks have today become full players in the banking landscape . Initially used as a second bank, many French people have now taken the leap and have switched to 100% online banking. In order to attract new customers, online banks no longer hesitate to offer bonuses for opening an account (up to € 80 offered) in addition to the gratuity of your credit card (subject to conditions) and fees. reduced. Currently online banks have a clientele made up of young working people, but no one doubts that over time this will expand as people gain confidence in them. The latest addition to the Mon Banquier online market, a service provided by the Caisse d'Epargne.

How to open an online bank account?

First of all you must currently have a bank account in a French establishment (you will have to provide a RIB), indeed for the opening of your online account you must make a transfer or send a bank check in order to validate this formality. You will then be asked to prove your identity via a photocopy of your national identity card, a passport or a valid residence permit. Proof of address (EDF / water / internet / telephone bill) less than 3 months old to confirm your address will also be required. To complete your last two payslips you will also be asked to justify your income.

Why switch to an online bank?

How many times have you been to your bank branch to meet with your bank advisor this year? Between opening hours and your working days, it is sometimes difficult to find time. And after all do you really need to visit your agency? Know that online banking is the solution if you are looking for the freedom to manage your banking remotely. Opening hours in line with your schedule with bank advisers available until 10 p.m., current operations free and carried out by yourself on the internet, all this accompanied by a reduction in the cost of your means of payment.

How to explain such low prices?

It's very simple, an internet bank does not have premises to manage, in our city centers it is not uncommon to see a multitude of bank branches and often well placed, this at a cost. In addition there is a lot of "paperwork", with the internet everything is digital, less paper, less costs and you are doing something for the environment.

Which online bank to choose?

Online banks offer equivalent services, some like Hello Bank have the advantage of benefiting from the BNP branch network which allows for example to make deposits in physical counters. And if you don't have the internet, don't worry, you can still carry out your transactions verbally by phone.

What happens to my personal advisor?

Online advisers will have access to your transaction history and will be able to easily follow your current procedures, moreover at some banks you can communicate by webcam if you wish to have eye contact. With the explosion of smartphones and tablets, you can even communicate with your advisor from anywhere! And after all, don't you also find that in your traditional agency your advisor changes every year?

Do I have the same guarantees as with a traditional bank?

With an online bank you have exactly the same guarantees as with a network bank. Your assets are guaranteed up to € 100,000 per establishment. The insurance on your means of payment is also identical, so there is no need to worry.

Online banks communicate a lot on the current account, but be aware that, like traditional banks, they offer savings accounts (booklet A, sustainable development booklet, booklet B, etc.), life insurance and, for some, credit to consumption or mortgage loan.

up to 300 € / year!

Reduce your banking fees by switching to online banking!

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