Born from an association between the Mousquetaires and Banque Chabrières, Aramis is the financial service present in the various commercial brands of the Les Mousquetaires group.

Belonging to the supermarket sector, the Les Mousquetaires group is made up of the Intermarché, Netto, Poivre Rouge, Bricomarché, Brico Cash and Roady brands.

The Aramis service allows customers of these different stores to obtain payment facilities. The group distributes, through Banque Chabrière and its Aramis credit service, a bank card backed by a revolving credit card, issued subject to acceptance.

With the Aramis service, you have various financing solutions :

Pay for your purchases by opting for the 3 times free of charge

Bricomarché et Aramis offers you the possibility to pay for your purchases in 3 installments free of charge from 150 US dollars of purchase.

Pay smoothly

You have the possibility of paying by monthly payment from 45 US dollars of purchases, this option is available thanks to the revolving credit and this offer is valid for an amount not exceeding 1000 US dollars.

Financing solution adapted for large purchases

For amounts greater than US $ 1,000, an amortizing credit is also possible for credit payments up to US $ 7,500.

Finally, Banque Chabrière also offers various financing products such as personal loans, work loans, car loans and even credit redemptions.

All prices, conditions and offers are available on the websites of the Roady and Bricomarché brands.
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