Modern Credit

Modern Credit
Created in 1975, Crédit Moderne was originally an independent credit organization, then in 1999 became a 100% Cetelem subsidiary, BNP Paribas group. A credit specialist for the French overseas departments and territories, the organization is now located in four overseas departments, Guyana, Réunion, Martinique and Guadeloupe.

Modern credit is number 1 in consumer credit in the French overseas departments and territories.

In addition to the financing solutions offered by this company, Crédit Moderne also provides its overseas customers with the Aurore credit card , which is a classic credit card (payment and withdrawal at an ATM) associated with a revolving credit.
It also allows deferred or credit payments to be made to brands in the Aurore network.

Crédit Moderne , which started out as an organization specializing in car credit, offers a wide range of consumer credit (personal loan, work credit, etc.), although a large part of its activity remains the distribution of car credit ( between 60 to 70% of outstanding loans in 2005). A range of financial products that can also be found at Cetelem but, however, more suited to local demand.
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