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When you need a loan, how can you be sure to find the right organization?

The consumer loan offers are numerous and sometimes very disparate: with a credit comparator , we can quickly and easily access the information that will inform our choice.

How does the credit comparator work?

This tool is surprisingly easy! By providing some information, we get various offers from the site's partners. The Internet user indicates the nature of his project, the desired amount and the envisaged repayment period, then he validates: in less than a second, proposals from organizations are displayed. The Internet user only has to compare the interest rates to identify the most attractive offers .

What is the benefit of using a credit comparator?

Approaching credit agencies is not a pleasant task and it takes a long time. Even if you just browse the Internet, collecting information site by site quickly becomes tedious. And when you need money, you need to have clear proposals without wasting time. Hence the interest of the online credit comparator: in a few clicks, you get sufficient information to guide your research.

What can we actually compare?

The tool allows you to select the type of loan you want using a drop-down menu: revolving credit (to have a small reserve of money), work credit, car loan, personal loan (for any type of project ). All are consumer credits, but they have their own specificities depending on whether they are allocated credits (vehicle purchase and work) or not. For this reason, organizations offer targeted offers according to the nature of the loan: with the credit comparator , we are sure to identify the appropriate credit.

What happens next?

When you have entered the type of credit envisaged, the amount and the duration of the loan, the offers of the partner organizations of the site are displayed: the APR (that is to say the overall effective annualized rate) is clearly highlighted. evidence. The comparison is then immediate. We also have indicative information on monthly payments: it is very useful for immediately measuring the feasibility of your project.

If the information obtained is interesting, all you have to do is click on the chosen organization and let yourself be guided ... If there are too few answers, it is probably because the data entered does not are not suitable (amount too high over too short a loan period, for example); in this case, it suffices to modify one or the other data to obtain more results.

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