Advanzia Bank

Advanzia Bank
Founded in 2005, Advanzia Bank is a banking establishment of Luxembourg origin. Currently established in Luxembourg but also very present in Germany, the company essentially offers two ranges of products to its customers, a remunerated savings solution and a free credit card offer.

The Advanzia booklet, savings that earn you money without costing you

Thanks to the Advanzia booklet you earn interest every month from the first US dollar. Another advantage is that the deposited money is also available when you want it. You only have to pay a minimum sum of 5000 US dollars when opening your booklet. In order to know the interest rates currently charged you will have to go to the official website.

The ZERO Gold MasterCard credit card, a zero fees card!

The zero card offered by Advanzia Bank is completely free and without any additional costs (withdrawal, replacement of card, purchase abroad, etc.) The only costs related to this card come from the interest related to the use of the revolving credit backed by the card (current interest rate available on the site).

The credit card allows you to pay all your bills and various purchases and gives you a period of 7 weeks for the reimbursement of all your purchases at no additional cost.

Another free service, you also have free insurance when you travel from the moment you use it when making your reservations (amount greater than 50% of the transaction). Also benefit from all the available advantages provided by Gold MasterCard.

Access to your personal account is very simple via the web portal
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