Casino Bank

Casino Bank
In 2001, Banque Casino was created, a banking establishment from the Casino group. At first, the company embarked on the marketing of credit cards.

Subsequently, the Casino group made a merger with the Crédit Mutuel CIC group in order to extend its range of financial products. Banque Casino then became an equal subsidiary of these two large groups.

Banque Casino offers a wide range of financial products intended for the financing of individuals, personal loan, revolving credit, credit consolidation but also many insurance products made available by the organization.

Available loan: the Banque Casino revolving credit

The available Banque Casino loan, a revolving credit , makes it possible to finance all types of projects up to 4000 US dollars.

Made available within 48 hours, this reserve of money is refundable over a period of 12 to 60 months. Another advantage, with great flexibility of use and usable without required proof, the type of credit also makes it possible to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

Banque Casino personal loan: finance all types of projects up to US $ 50,000

The Banque Casino personal loan is a consumer loan to finance all types of projects. This credit, with an available amount of 3,000 to 50,000 US dollars depending on the type of projects for which it is intended, allows both the purchase of a vehicle (car, motorcycle or motorhome credit) but also the carrying out of work ( loan works) or various projects.

Banque Casino bank cards

The establishment provides several types of bank card according to the needs of the customer, without changing bank.

The Casino bank card : benefit from numerous advantages and discounts when you buy from the Casino group brands.

The Gold Casino bank card : benefit from numerous advantages and discounts when you buy from the Casino group brands.

The Cdiscount Mastercard : benefit from a reduction to be used on the Cdiscount E-commerce site.

Consolidate your credits with Banque Casino

The Banque Casino credit consolidation allows you to pool all your consumer loans for an amount of € 6,000 to € 75,000 over a repayment period ranging from 12 to 144 months. This practice aims to reduce your overall monthly credit payment and will also have the effect of simplifying the management of your accounts.

Finally, Banque Casino also offers a wide range of insurance products suitable for all situations (auto insurance, home insurance, etc.).
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