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Consumer loan, car loan, mortgage ... the financing granted to individuals responds to
diverse and varied needs. They are invited to use the credit comparator to consult the
offers likely to suit them.

A free tool to differentiate credits

With the democratization of the web, everyone has the opportunity to put the different
financing solutions offered to it. However, not all of us have the time or the
willingness to objectively assess the products available on the market. The profusion of offers
constitutes as much an opportunity as it implies a pitfall for consumers. Indeed, these
the latter may be tried for reasons of ease of opting for the first proposals
that they consult. The device that appears on our site sheds light on all our visitors
who are looking for an easy to use credit report. Appear in search results
our partners who have already given satisfaction to borrowers in the past, but who above all
currently have the best conditions. Whether you connect to our platform
from a computer or a nomadic device (smartphone / tablet), you have the option of estimating
the cost of your loan as well as the level of its monthly payments in a few clicks!

How to use an online credit comparator?

No software is required, no in-depth knowledge of the credit market is required,
quite the contrary! The work is chewed up to you in the sense that you access the proposals of
establishments without even contacting them individually, only by drawing the outlines of
your project. You indicate the nature of the project, the desired amount, the repayment period and
you will see the offers that correspond to your needs appear.

Funding for all audiences

From the neo-entrepreneur to the future groom, including the household needing a car more
spacious since the arrival of a newborn, we are aimed at all audiences who plan to
make purchases or who would like to have a reserve of money to draw from
whenever they want. The tool that we are promoting meets the expectations of
consumers wishing to subscribe to a personal loan, for the payment of various and varied purchases.

We also direct our visitors to the affected credit likely to satisfy them, some
then serve as an auto credit comparator. Our selection of revolving credits and loans
work can also grab your attention or that of those close to you.

Comparison of loan offers: and after?

There is nothing inviting about taking advantage of a module that allows you to compare
online credits. However, you might wonder about the steps that follow
the use of a loan comparator. Regardless of the organization and rate that arouses your
interest, you are brought to inform a little more in detail about your project. It is possible to vary
the repayment period, the amount of monthly payments and therefore to find the best
compromise for the control of its budget. First, you provide information
as to the project for which you are seeking funding. After receiving a response from
principle, it is the time to gather all the documents in order to constitute the file to be transmitted to the lender.
The latter checks the solvency of the applicant, in other words it ensures its ability to repay the monthly payments.
After accepting the request, he proceeds to release the funds from the end of the withdrawal period.

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