Cetelem: find out about the organization and how to apply for credit

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Specialist in credit, Cetelem has become the leader in consumer credit on our territory and even in Europe. In recent years, the firm has also been developing a savings, insurance and provident fund branch to better meet the expectations of its customers.
Finally, note that Cetelem is the only credit institution that offers the financing of a personal project with a loan of up to US $ 75,000.

Cetelem presentation: find out more about the credit organization

Cetelem is the French trademark of BNP Paribas Personal Finance, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas.
Cetelem is established in 30 countries with more than 17,000 employees and nearly 27 million customers. This is why it deserves its status as "No. 1 in financing for individuals".
The organization has a catalog of various financial products: personal loans, revolving credits with or without credit card, car loans, work, formula dedicated to professionals ...
Cetelem's leitmotif is customer security: the Responsible Credit label which promotes access to loans to as many people as possible while removing the shadow of over-indebtedness is the ultimate gratification of this credit organization.
In addition, BNP Paribas creates partnerships to sell its financial products and services through automobile manufacturers, large retailers, merchant websites, financial institutions.

All the Cetelem information you need to know

According to the slogan of the organization "Cetelem accompanies you and advises you on a daily basis", it is clear that with them a solution is potentially at hand, whatever your need.
The range of their offers is more than vast:

• vehicles: new car loan, used car loan, motorcycle or scooter loan, leisure vehicle loan
• works: credit dedicated to works, credit for household equipment (such as household appliances)
• revolving credit: with or without associated credit card, Cetelem card, partner card
• project: travel credit, life event credit (birth, marriage, student installation), cash flow credit
• repurchase: repurchase of credit with or without mortgage
• mortgage loan,
• automotive solutions for professionals: artisan credit, merchant credit, business manager, liberal profession

Apply for a Cetelem loan: do a simulation first

To find out if you are eligible for a loan, and how much you could claim as a loan sum, you can simulate the loan you are considering.
With Cetelem's online tool, you select the type of project, fill in all the questions and send your request.
It is without obligation, the answer is provided quickly: it details in a summary table all the credit items (total amount, interest, duration, optional insurance ...). You are asked if you wish to continue your process, and subsequently, an advisor contacts you.

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