Complete Guide to Consumer Credit

Published on by Delphine from OltottMesz

ASF United States, association of financial companies, offers you a complete guide, allowing you to know everything about consumer credit.

This guide to credit is available to everyone. For some it will be a simple reminder, for others a way to deepen your knowledge, this booklet will allow you in any case to discover or rediscover all aspects of the field of consumer credit.

Rather a great initiative on the part of the ASF, because unlike most guides that can be found on the internet, this one has the big advantage of being very pleasant to read, widely illustrated and simple to write. so as not to lose the reader along the way by avoiding long, overly forbidding speeches which interfere with the understanding of the subject.

The booklet is aimed at both novices and the more experienced, so it will allow consumers to answer many of their questions on this subject.

This guide is a kind of reminder on what it is necessary to know at all costs before embarking on the subscription to a consumer credit offer.

Here is a comprehensive list of the main topics covered in this guide:

- What you need to know before committing.
- Better know your budget (resources - expenses)
- The risks of indebtedness
- Choose a loan adapted to your needs
- The cost of a loan
- Understand the usefulness of borrower insurance

OltottMesz also provides you with a credit lexicon in case certain terms after reading you still seem abstract or completely unknown. To react on one of the themes of credit, a forum provided for this purpose will also allow you to obtain a rapid response written by a financial specialist.

Find the complete guide to consumer credit

Source: ASF United States
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