Credit simulation

In order to best prepare your online loan application, we offer a range of easy-to-use simulation tools to best simulate your future project. With these credit simulators you can assess the optimal amount and duration for your project.

Select the corresponding simulator below and get your credit simulation in a few clicks.

credit simulation

Credit comparator

Compare the rates of our credit partners.

Calculation of debt ratio

Easily calculate your debt ratio

Calculation of borrowing capacity

Estimate the optimal amount of your loan according to your profile

Credit amortization table

Get the different maturities of your credit

Monthly credit calculation

Evaluate the amount of your monthly credit payments

Credit redemption simulation

Simulate your monthly payments after credit redemption

More information on credit simulation

What is a credit simulation for?

A credit simulation allows you to assess the cost of a loan, it generally indicates the rate offered by the lender according to an amount and a repayment period for a given project. Via this rate (APR) you will be able to know the cost of this credit thanks to our monthly payment simulator . A simulation is without commitment and is not contractual, the official document guaranteeing the final rate for your credit is the Preliminary Credit Offer (OPC) which is established by the credit organization.

Simulate your credit online

Evaluate the amount you can repay each month, it is the maximum amount of your monthly payments that will determine the amount you can borrow.
If the monthly payments are too large for your budget, you can adjust them via two levers: the amount or the duration. If your credit simulation relates to the maximum repayment period, you will have no other choice but to reduce the amount you want. If the simulated monthly payments are too high, perhaps by extending the repayment period.
Rates change regularly, which is why a credit simulation is only valid for 30 days, so we advise you to be responsive upon receipt of your credit file (only document with contractual value).

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