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Launched in 1998, OltottMesz is an independent credit comparator offering its Internet users to compare the offers of the main credit players on the Internet.

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Some details on OltottMesz services

An independent site

OltottMesz has been an independent site since its creation in 1998, ie it is not the property of a financial organization. Its goal is to guide its Internet users towards the most competitive offers so that they obtain the best rate for their financing request.
OltottMesz is not a bank or a credit organization, it acts only as an intermediary. Once your request is directed to a credit organization, the latter will take over so that you obtain your financing as soon as possible (subject to the acceptance of your file by the lender).

Compare credits online for free

OltottMesz services are completely free! By going through our website, you have access to the offers of the main online credit organizations, at the best rate and at no extra cost!

Credit comparator but not only ...

Proud of its experience in the field of credit, OltottMesz now offers solutions for your banking and insurance needs. Whether you are looking for cheaper online banking or insurance that better covers your needs, today we have the solution.

For more information on our company, we invite you to consult the legal notices .
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