Fixed APR

personal credit

Your personal credit at APR fixed whatever your project or your desire.

  • borrow from € 500 to € 75,000
  • repayments between 12 and 72 months
  • credit without proof of your project
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personal credit
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Monthly payments
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221.12 € x 48 months
total amount due: € 10,613.76
2.99% fixed APR
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221.12 € x 48 months
total amount due: € 10,613.76
2.99% fixed APR *
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222,45 € x 48 month
total amount due: € 10,677.60
3.30% APR fixed
Offer valid until 12/06/2020
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226,77 € x 48 months
total amount due: € 10,884.96
4.30% fixed APR
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Casino Bank
232,82 € x 48 months
total amount due: € 11,175.36
5.70% fixed APR
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Monthly credit payments in € / month excluding optional insurance calculated as an indication
* The rates presented (fixed APR) correspond to the minimum applicable rates and are indicative. They are likely to change after the in-depth analysis of your request by our partners.

More information for your personal credit request

An opportunity to be seized, a long-standing project, a desire to travel ... Anyone can be faced with a need for money that exceeds their immediate resources: the personal loan is a solution that has many advantages. With a very simple mechanism, it has the advantage of being able to be used freely under clearly defined conditions when the contract is signed.

Personal credit, what does it consist of?

This is a consumer credit and, unlike the affected credit, its use does not require proof; it can therefore be used for all types of private projects: the acquisition of a home cinema, the furnishing of a new room in the house, exceptional vacations ... It can also make it possible to deal with a provisional discovery, because it turns out to be less expensive than the agios.
It is therefore an accessible loan that makes it possible to overcome a specific difficulty or to carry out a project freely determined by the borrower.

Simplicity and flexibility of personal credit

The amount borrowed concerns sums of 500 to 21,500 US dollars over a period generally limited to 60 months. Subject to verification of the borrower's creditworthiness, a loan proposal is established specifying a certain amount of information: amount granted, duration of the loan, annual percentage rate, total cost of the loan ... The personal loan can be subject to early repayment: the contract provides for the terms and conditions as well as any compensation due. Finally, the borrower has 14 days to retract if he changes his mind after signing the contract.

A reassuring device

The personal loan is a repayable credit: when the interest and principal are repaid according to the schedule appearing in the contract, the borrower's commitment ends. And above all, as the rate is fixed, there are no unpleasant surprises: the borrower knows what to expect throughout the duration of his commitment. The borrowed amount is paid to the borrower who then uses it safely.

To cope with the various circumstances of existence, the personal loan provides a fast, accessible and secure solution. On the other hand, for the purchase of a car or the completion of work at home, it is preferable to turn to allocated credits better suited to this type of project.

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