Calculation of borrowing capacity

In order to maximize your chances of obtaining your financing, OltottMesz provides you with this borrowing capacity simulator, it will allow you to calculate the optimal amount for your future monthly loan payment .

Monthly income from your household
€ / month Total net monthly income, add your spouse's income if you live with a partner.
€ / month
Monthly charges for your household
€ / month
€ / month
€ / month
Your borrowing capacity

More information on calculating borrowing capacity

The borrowing (or repayment) capacity is based directly on a person's debt ratio. To preserve the financial health of households, banks theoretically do not allow cumulative reimbursements to fixed charges exceeding 33% of income. It is therefore on this observation that we will be able to estimate the maximum monthly repayable by a person.
To find out the maximum amount of a possible new monthly payment, simply divide your regular monthly income by 3, subtract your recurring monthly charges. The result obtained is the theoretical reimbursable monthly payment according to your profile. If this result is less than or equal to 0, it is advisable not to take out a new loan, the latter could indeed penalize your budget.

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