Algoma Energy Solutions Launches New Line of Products to Improve Home Efficiency


With the growing awareness and acceptance of the potential impact of climate change around the world, many Canadians are taking personal steps to be part of a solution. For owners of residential and commercial buildings, this often means retrofitting their buildings to improve energy efficiency. This is especially important in northern cities like Sault Ste. Marie, where companies like Algoma Energy Solutions (AES) are launching innovative new products to help local consumers in their efforts to go green.

As an expert in renewable energy, Algoma Energy Solutions has already earned a reputation as a trusted installer, designer and consultant for solar energy products. In January of this year, the company became an authorized dealer and installer of Genyk Spray Applied Insulating Polyurethane Foam Insulation Systems. According to company spokesperson Bryan Maguire, this is a product that fits perfectly with Algoma Energy Solutions’ mission to promote renewable and sustainable energy efficiency.

“The insulation we use will help improve energy efficiency in residential and commercial properties by helping to contain heat and cooling efforts,” said Maguire. “It’s a product that contributes to this model of energy efficiency on which we focus as a company. “

Genyk is a Canadian company based in Shawinigan, Quebec, which has been developing and marketing flexible and rigid polyurethane foam systems for over 25 years. Algoma Energy Solutions has become an official distributor of Genyk brand Boreal Nature foam insulation. The product is a type 2 spray applied polyurethane insulation foam system formulated with renewable substances and recycled products. The product of lime green color It is blown into tight spaces using lavender water, which generates a pleasant and fresh scent upon application. The product is fully accredited by the Canadian Construction Materials Center (CCMC).

According to Maguire, Genyk Foam Insulation is a very versatile product that offers homeowners an affordable way to improve the efficiency of their properties.

“It’s much more versatile than your traditional mattress insulation because it sticks to the surface and doesn’t take up as much space,” Maguire said. “You can make attics and regular wall spaces. We also saw people sealing their entire basements. It can go anywhere there is potential heat loss or some kind of air leak. You spray the foam inside so that you can more effectively retain the heat you have in the building. “

Since Genyk Boreal Nature Foam is an all-natural, sustainable type of insulation that respects the environment, Maguire says it’s an exceptional choice for homeowners looking to improve their property using green solutions. It is also part of the AES business model focused on cutting-edge green solutions to improve energy efficiency.

In order to qualify to install the product, Maguire says the Algoma Energy Solutions team had to take courses to be eligible to sell and install the foam because Genyk only sells to certified contractors.

When looking to improve the energy efficiency of your property, contact the Algoma Energy Solutions team at [email protected] before the rush for insulation before winter arrives. Visit Algoma Energy Solutions online at

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