American Woman Paints a Landscape So Realistic It Looks Like a Photo

Painting is such an art that it takes years for people to realize their imagination. Yet they still can’t bring them closer to reality. But these days, a video of a woman is going viral on the web. His painting is loved by people and discussed on social media.

A video was shared on the Next Level Skills Twitter account in which we see a woman doing a beautiful painting. Amazingly, she made this painting on a large canvas and created beautiful landscapes.

You must have seen many viral videos and photos related to many paintings before this but the thing about this picture is different. This is because the painting is done with absolute detail. People were amazed to see the picture on canvas.

In the photo, snow-capped mountains and many houses are painted. She first drew on canvas with a pencil, then painted the whole picture in cream color. She then started coloring the board one item at a time. In the end, the painting looks like a photo taken by a camera.

This video has garnered over 1.6 million views, while there are over 59,000 likes on the video.

Many people also reacted to the video. One person claimed in the comments section that the cream color seen in the video at the start of the painting was coffee. A person replied that it was not coffee but a substance called liquin, which is used to quickly dry paint.

When someone asked who the artist was, the link to the woman’s Instagram account (Courtney art) was sent in response. Let us tell you that the name of the painter is Courtney Myers who is an American fine art oil painter.

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