Another major food shortage: the endangered Hungarian potato

Not only is it getting more expensive, but there aren’t enough Hungarian potatoes. The Hungarian Potato Association is far from optimistic.

Potatoes are getting cheaper

The price of potatoes is rising, but that’s not the biggest problem today, reports The National Potato Association and Product Council estimates that 160-165,000 tonnes of potatoes could be produced this year. According to the Central Statistical Office (KSH), it has risen from 400,000 tonnes to this level in five years, with 270,000 tonnes forecast for 2021.

The professional organization is not at all optimistic about the future. If yields and acreage shrink continue over the next few years, they see a threat to domestic supply security, writes The annual per capita consumption of potatoes in 2020 was 28.3 kilograms, plus the needs of the catering, public catering and processing industries. However, even with a conservative estimate, only half of the domestic demand was Hungarian, the rest was imported.

Less potatoes from Ukraine too

Moreover, in Ukraine, which is the world’s fourth largest potato producer, there are not even estimates of how much will be produced this year. According to, the shortage of Ukrainian potatoes will significantly rewrite the whole map of European supply, but it should not affect the development of Hungarian potato imports. However, the further narrowing of the supply window could make potatoes even more expensive.

According to market information from HelloVidék, the price of potatoes is currently between 300 and 500 HUF per kilo in the markets. Meanwhile, a year ago, the average price of the late variety was HUF 250 per kilo, according to KSH statistics.

Thus, inflation is also pronounced for this category of products, and if the sectoral situation above continues to become more complicated, and if much more modest quantities are produced compared to last year, there could be a new huge price increase.

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