Ben enters a destructive new romance with an old face

Ben's old friend is hiding a dark secret (Picture: BBC)

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Ben’s old friend is hiding a dark secret (Picture: BBC)

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) is about to hit the self-destruct button again in EastEnders as a face from his past appears – and immediately gets under his skin.

Ben is surprised to see old friend James, and the audience will be worried about Ben – who is already in great turmoil.

As Ben and James share a heated encounter, the reunion has an even darker side as it emerges that James is a dealer and a vulnerable Ben soon seeks solace in what he has to whip up.

After James enters the Arches as a customer, Ben takes him to the parking lot to buy a car, and James begins to flirt with him, leaving Ben uncomfortable.

Later, feeling he has nowhere to go, Ben takes James back to the Arches and succumbs to passion to try and numb the pain of everything he’s been going through.

Left distraught by another rejection from Callum Highway (Tony Clay), Ben is disgusted to feel his husband has moved on when he sees him enjoying a night out with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty).

After: Tendency

And it’s not just in James’ body that Ben seeks solace as James soon offers him drugs, which Ben takes.

Can anyone help Ben?  (Picture: BBC)

© Provided by Metro
Can anyone help Ben? (Picture: BBC)

With horrifying influences leading him down the path to ruin, Ben leaves those close to him terrified at the distance he falls.

And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight…

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