Bubbly starter in drinks for SPC

SPC entered the better-for-you beverage market with Helping humans, a line of “cause-driven” canned sparkling waters with active botanicals. SPC says the brand aims to help consumers “drink well and do good”.

SPC said the launch of its first beverage-only line is part of the company’s realization of its “better eating for the future” brand redirection outlined in 2020.

SPC says it recognized Helping Humans as an opportunity to strengthen its purpose-driven ethos and elevate its social footprint in the process, aware of rising calls from socially conscious consumers who want more from their favorite brands.

Tara Lordsmith, CCO of the SPC, said Food and Beverage Company the product development process took over 12 months from concept to launch, and that Helping Humans stands out for its unique manufacturing process; brew plants with SCOBYs (beneficial bacteria and yeast culture) and let them ferment for at least 42 days for the extraction of bioactive compounds.

“We create nine different ferments such as black tea, pomegranate, ginseng, turmeric, guarana, echinacea, lemongrass, gingko and ginger.

10% of Helping humans profits are donated to charity, via the scannable QR codes on each can. Image: SPC

“Our fermented bases are then transported to our co-manufacturer who adds sparkling water and other natural ingredients to formulate the final product. The end result is a refreshing and flavorful living sparkling water beverage with the benefits of botanicals. live actives, which is very innovative in the market,” said Lordsmith.

Human-helping ferments are made at SPC’s facility in Shepparton and then shipped to co-packer Garage Beverages Manufacturing, along with the rest of the ingredients.

The range was launched with three flavors; Lemon Lime Immunity (with echinacea and turmeric), Berry Pomegranate Vitality (with ginseng and turmeric) and Ginger Focus (with ginkgo and guarana).

Every box of Helping humans also gives back to the community, with 10% of profits going to charity.

Made by Visy from recycled aluminum, the cans feature a QR code that consumers can scan and select where they want the funds to be funded.

Consumers can choose one of eight Helping humans partner charities including; Headspace, McGrath Foundation, Australian Gynecological Cancer Foundation, Streetsmart, One Heart, Black Dog, Planet Ark and Ceres.

Helping humans is available from Coles, 7Eleven and independent retailers at MSRP: $9.00 for a 4-pack and MSRP: $4.00 for a 250ml can.

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