Can Instacart go from a transactional platform to an inspiring shopping platform?

August 29, 2022

instagram has tapped Grammy-winning Lizzo as the face of its biggest brand campaign yet to showcase Carts, an in-app experience that will empower pop culture figures, retailers and online creators to share purchasable and curated content.

Shop and delivery platform app users can view and be inspired to buy a grocery list of Lizzo’s favorite items, including Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream, Impossible Burgers and Chips Takis lime tortilla.

Instacart released a 30-second spot, “The world is your shopping cart,” to mark the launch of Carts. It debuted following the singer’s performance at Sunday’s 2022 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA). The company ran a full-page advertisement in the center featuring Lizzo in the Sunday New York Times.

Beyond Lizzo, Cart will eventually offer similar favorite food lists from influencers, including The Old Gays, and retail partners, in addition to themed lists such as Self Care Sunday, Late Night Moms and Date. Night. Brands selling on Instacart can support online discovery through Brand Pages, Shoppable Display and Shoppable Video ad formats.

Buyable feeds aim to replicate the scrolling discovery experience on Instagram.

“We’re thinking about how we’ll go from a transactional platform to an inspirational platform,” said Laura Jones, Instacart’s Chief Marketing Officer. advertising age.

Daniel Danker, chief product officer of Instacart, believes that while in-store navigation has traditionally driven grocery discovery, online shopping has the advantage of being able to showcase new items each time a customer opens their store. application and its personalized flows. He said Quartz“If we can bring that joy of discovery that’s happening in the real world, if you will, today, and tie it into a personalized experience, we’re actually able to do something very different from what has been done so far.”

Outside of the app, to help drive direct traffic to its site, Instacart launched Instacart Tastemakers, an affiliate network that allows creators and publishers to monetize their content through links to the platform from revenue on TikTok and online posts. The Wall Street Journal reported that accelerating growth in the second quarter helped the delivery platform complete its IPO this year.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: What do you think of Instacart’s built-in shopping cart functionality and the potential for online grocery discovery? How can Instacart go from a “transactional platform to an inspirational platform”?


“This feature establishes the platform as a destination and recognizes that it positions itself more similarly to social media than traditional online grocery shopping.”


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