How I relax with… Elle Macpherson

Whether we’re escaping the mundaneness of our post-restricted lives or the messiness of our social media feeds, a woman’s nighttime routine has become an indispensable tool to disconnect and unwind. In a new series “How I Wind Down…” we talk to many different women about how they prepare for a relaxing evening.

Credit: Kat in New York

Australian model Elle Macpherson’s resume is certainly impressive. Rising to fame in the 1980s, the Australian model appeared on the cover of almost every magazine and earned acting credits in the likes of Friends and The edge. Today, she leads her wildly successful cult wellness brand, WelleCo.

The ingestible beauty brand was launched in 2014 with the goal of providing consumers with targeted beauty support and holistic health. After flagship products like the Daily Greens Super Elixir powder formulation and Collagen Elixir, WelleCo launched two new products this year: the PMS elixir and the Elixir of the Goddess.

The model and beauty mogul has become known for supporting the wellbeing of men and women around the world. Now for a special edition of How I relax we reached out to the founder for insight into her own wellness routine.

Grazia: Can you describe your nighttime beauty routine?

“My evening beauty routine is a wellness routine. It consists of an infrared sauna (Therasage has a fabulous portable option) followed by a cold dip in my deep bath. It is ideal for detoxification, immune strengthening, lymphatic support and relaxation. I follow with my nighttime ritual of a cup of soothing Sleep Welle tea which helps the mind, emotions and body to rest, recover and rejuvenate. Usually I do some breathing and always write a gratitude list right before I sleep.

How to relax after a busy day?

“I love what I do. My days are full of wonderful and interesting experiences and opportunities. Often I work late into the night with my WelleCo team who are on the other side of the world. I love connecting with them and thinking about everything from marketing and new product development to customer service and finance. A real treat for me is when the boys visit the house in Miami (they are both off on their own adventures now. We love having dinner together and talking. And most important of all, love and laughter.

How do you decorate your space to help you fall asleep?

“I don’t waste time decorating my sleeping space. I like to keep it very simple, and definitely no TV in the bedroom! I wear blue goggles (my favorite is Tom Ford) to protect my eyes from blue light exposure and use my devices minimally. I love reading. One of my current favorites is The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer.

What time are you going to sleep?

“It can be difficult having an international business (Australia wakes up in the evening), but I try to go to bed around 11pm and wake up around 5am.”

Do you plan the next day’s look the night before or in the morning? If so, what are you looking for for an easy morning the next day?

“I tend to go with the flow. When I wake up, the first thing I do is meditate, read something inspiring, and hydrate. I hydrate myself with water and lime that I put next to my bed the night before. I then get out of bed and start my day. Right now, I’m intermittent fasting, so my last meal is usually around 7 p.m. and my first meal around 11 a.m. I break my fast with something easy like a homemade chia pudding or a protein and green vegetable smoothie from WelleCo. I then take The Hair Elixir and The Goddess Elixir capsules. On the fashion side, I don’t plan anything the day before. I live in jeans and t-shirts – blue, white, skinny, baggy, boyfriend, etc. My favorite designers are Dior and Isabel Marant.

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