Hungary fines bookstore chain representing LGBT families in book, World News


In a strange incident, a chain of bookstores in Hungary was fined for selling a children’s story that depicts a day in the life of a child of same-sex parents. Officials condemned the picture book for showcasing such families.

Named “Micsoda család! », The book is a Hungarian translation combining two titles by the American author Lawrence Schimel and the illustrator Elīna Brasliņa: Early One Morning. It shows the morning of a young boy with his two mothers, and Bedtime, Not Playtime !, in which a young girl with two fathers hesitates to fall asleep.

Pest County Commissioner Richard Tarnai told Hír TV broadcaster Líra Könyv broke unfair trading practices rules by failing to indicate that the book contained “content that deviates from the norm “.

Tarnai was quoted by The Guardian as saying, “The book was there among other fairy tale books and therefore committed a violation.

There is no way to know that this book is about a different family from a normal family.

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Speaking to The Guardian, he said the idea of ​​the books was to “celebrate queer families, to bring more queer joy to the world so that the only books available for children don’t deal with conflict.”

Schimel, who is the author, told Reuters it was significant that his book was “attacked” just before the new law targeting LGBTQ + rights came into effect.

According to a post on Facebook, the Lyra group is investigating the possibility of a legal response, mainly because of the general consequences of the decision. According to the rules of the book market, ensuring the legal purity of a book is always the task of the publisher; bookstores cannot verify the content.

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