Interior Paint Colors to “Avoid” in the Kitchen That Can Make the Room Look Smaller

Choosing a color to paint the rooms of the house is a big commitment, as it can be very time consuming and very expensive. Although the choice of paint colors is often a personal preference, certain paint colors can make areas of the home seem smaller and “clinical”. According to the expert, certain colors can even promote relaxation.

Juliette Thomas, Founder and Director of Juliettes Interiors, said: “As the kitchen is a busy social space within the home, choosing the right color can be difficult.

“It’s best to judge the amount of natural light in the room before making a decision.

“If the room is flooded with light, avoid having an all-white kitchen as it can feel clinical and cold.

“Alternatively, if the room is on the darker side, don’t use dark, bold colors, as it can make the room look smaller.”

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“These colors tend to be forceful, so painting your walls in these colors won’t have the desired effect.

“Blue is a restful and soothing color due to its connection to the natural world and therefore works well in a bedroom.

“An all-blue room can feel cold, so be sure to pair it with warmer, earthier colors, soft neutrals or pastels to make it more inviting.”

In the bathrooms, the decoration expert recommends to be “creative”.

Whether it’s painting a bathroom or a guest cloakroom, Juliette said “there isn’t necessarily a bad color” to choose from.

However, in a personal or family bathroom, she suggested avoiding using all white.

“It can make it feel unwelcoming and cold,” the expert explained.

She added: “Also it’s harder to maintain as it will show all the marks.

“Instead, pale pastel blue in a bathroom can make it feel more luxurious and easier on the eyes when we wake up in the morning or fall asleep.

“Mix blue with warm copper and brass metals to create a deep and trendy atmosphere.”

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