Island District launches four new canned cocktails and vodka assortment

Sparkling craft cocktail company Island District is launching a new wave of ready-to-drink functional drinks, giving customers even more ways to enjoy an evening without suffering harsh repercussions the next morning thanks to the hydrating electrolytes in their cocktails. coconut water and aloe.

With year two on the horizon, the ID team is delivering another highly anticipated launch with an expansion of the product line featuring four more unique refreshing flavors and the company’s first shareable variety pack, the Paradise Pack. The full product line now includes:

  • Vodka | Coconut water | Guava | Lime
  • Vodka | Coconut water | Blueberry | Grenade
  • Vodka | Coconut water | Cranberry | Mango
  • Vodka | Coconut water | tangerine | The Peach
  • Tequila | Aloe Water | Darling
  • Tequila | Green tea | Raspberry | Dragon fruit

Paradise Pack cocktails are made with premium, 5% ABV vodka in sleek, ready-to-drink cans. Paired elegantly with a base of coconut water, these new crew members are blended with simple, honest ingredients and a touch of sweetness derived from the natural sources of the fruit. The 8-pack shareable includes the original Guava Lime along with three new flavors – Blueberry Pomegranate, Cranberry Mango, and Tangerine Peach. Each flavor has its own unique personality, while together the collection is perfectly bubbling and balanced.

In addition to the Paradise Pack, Island District is also releasing two standalone 4-packs containing tequila, green tea, raspberry, dragon fruit and vodka, coconut water, blueberry and grenade.

Not only is the Island District liquid unlike anything else on the shelves, each pours a beautiful opaque shade to match its label color. An Insta-worthy cocktail whether enjoyed in the box or poured over ice. If you’re looking for a leisurely sip on the beach or bartending at home, these no-prep, no-mess, ready-to-enjoy fizzy cocktails are the best. chosen drink of the summer.

The inspiration for Island District began when co-founders Kayla O’Connor and James Scully shared stories of parties that ended in unproductive mornings. A trend they noticed while drinking seltzer containing malt liquor, water and carbonation, with ingredients they could barely pronounce. O’Connor, an athlete, and James, a veteran, began brainstorming ideas on how to create a spirit drink that could be enjoyed at night with the intention of a better morning the next day, to where the slogan “Better Tomorrows” was born.

Originally made in O’Connor’s kitchen from concoctions made with freshly squeezed juice and all-natural plant waters, the brand was built on a passion for using real ingredients to provide an option. best cocktail for you that they had a hard time finding on store shelves. The market is full of sparkling craft cocktails, but Island District sets itself apart by not simply focusing on the act of drinking itself:

“When we started this business, we realized that drinking isn’t a 4-6 hour experience in a bar or at home with friends – it’s pre-game, evening, sleep from that night and the next morning. Let’s not treat the hangover when it happens, let’s change the drinking experience to lead to a better future without the slow sequelae. Then let’s can it in a simple, clean, ready-to-drink format,” said Island District Co-Founder James Scully.

The duo focused on creating an alcoholic beverage that focused on the 24-hour “drinking experience,” as opposed to just drinking. Hydration being the main differentiator for conscious consumers making health-conscious choices, especially when consuming alcohol that could affect their state of mind the next day.

Unlike other ready-to-drink cocktails, Island District has specifically created its recipes to include hydrating properties to reduce hangover potential and truly offers a functional drink that allows consumers to enjoy their evening while being fully active. the next day.

To celebrate the release of its Variety Pack, Island District hid 4 Golden Cans in Paradise Packs for a chance to win an all-inclusive tropical vacation. Finding a Golden Can entitles you to enter their “Golden Ticket to Paradise” sweepstakes where one grand prize winner will receive an all-inclusive trip for two to the Bahamas and four Golden Prize winners will receive a weekend getaway -end on the coast.

The contest runs from April 11 to July 24, 2022 and one additional winner will be drawn from online entries.

About the Island District

Island District launched its first sparkling ready-to-drink cocktails in May 2021, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, but despite this the drinks quickly caught the attention of consumers and just 10 months after the products were hitting shelves, it has become one of New Hampshire’s No. 1 grocery chain’s best-selling RTDs.

Consumers have responded incredibly well to this new line of sparkling craft cocktails and will no doubt retain this level of enthusiasm for the company’s new line of functional drinks.

With the new shareable 8-pack and Golden Ticket to Paradise contest, Island District will likely continue to make a splash in the RTD market. And given what its cocktails promise, it’s something consumers will greatly appreciate even the day after their night out.

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