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LORDSTOWN — As the fire department prepares to train 40 village employees as well as workers from the Ultium Cells and Foxconn complexes on the use of automated external defibrillators and other lifesaving techniques, officials are examining the idea that the fire department eventually becomes a training centre.

Council chairman Ron Radtka told the village council at Monday’s meeting that Champion Insurance would provide up to $4,000 in welfare money that could be used for defibrillators and CPR training classes and in first aid.

He said officials must decide what they want to use the available dollars for, indicating that whatever the village spends, it will be reimbursed.

Radtka said the village got AEDs in various buildings last year and employees need to be trained in their use.

Fire Chief Travis Eastham said the fire department has staff trained in CPR and AEDs who can train village employees in all departments.

“We can use the $4,000 to get another AED and be able to train every employee. We have guys teaching Ultium Cells employees who have done 142 people,” he said.

Eastham suggested that with all the training of fire personnel, officials view the fire department as becoming a training center that would pay instructors.

The council would need to approve an ordinance to allow this with guidelines in place, such as a per-student fee for those from the public or local businesses and industries.

He said that with a center charging for the service, the village could get new mannequins, AEDs and other equipment for classes.

“We can start a program that will benefit the community. We can bring people to teach at the center. We always get calls from RNs and others needing the CPR training asking if anyone can teach them,” said Eastham.

“I know that many companies want all their employees to be trained. This means that every three years these employees will require an updated class in addition to the initial class,” he said.

Resident Christine Sophia said Lordstown needed a full-time fire service with all businesses and factories entering the village.

“There is a lot of activity and we need to consider having a full-time fire department,” she says.

In other business, the village received a $30,000 donation from commercial and institutional building company Barton Malow to be used to improve the park’s pond near Salt Springs Road.

Eastham said Holton Inc. will carry out work on the pond this month to complete before winter.

Kellie Bordner, planning and zoning administrator, said she has received many calls from residents wanting to know what is being done with the pond. She said now that Eastham has secured funding and plans are in place, she can let residents know what is happening.

The basin will be redone to make it safer and easier to clean, as well as additions to a fountain.

“We want to improve the pond and make it look good,” he said. The pond had become muddy and unpleasant-looking, officials said.

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