Merrimack Valley Roofing and Gutter Celebrates Turnover

Sandown, New Hampshire, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Barry Billcliff, owner of Merrimack Valley Roofing and Gutter, announced the recent incorporation of DamBar LLC, an additional construction company to the growing business. Billcliff said the company hit $4 million in revenue. He attributes his success to a colorful career and entrepreneurial drive. One of the keys, he says, is hiring the right people.

“We hire passionate craftsmen to do our work and it shows with our customer response and our growth,” Billcliff said.

Despite the economic outlook, he said one major renovation that shouldn’t be overlooked is your roof.

Billcliff said don’t wait for a leaky roof to fix it. Taking preventative measures can save you from a more expensive repair. Go to your attic to look for any signs of leaks. Getting on the roof and looking for loose shingles is a good idea.

Sometimes a leak can be repaired without a major repair. Adding flashing or cleaning gutters is something Merrimack sees regularly. In the area there was a shortage of reliable help in recent years, Merrimack Valley Roofing and Gutter established themselves as a reliable supplier who did not take advantage of overpriced offers.

“We want to treat everyone fairly,” Billcliff said.

Billcliff also owns The Bear Cave, one of New England’s biggest bars, as well as Drive Again Motors and Mitty’s Big Beef. He is also a musician and leader of a local union of musicians.

Gradually, with wise investments, savings and timely decisions, he rose through the ranks and established himself as a successful entrepreneur. He owns, manages and oversees over 16 business ventures that he has created, acquired or launched.

He was a founding member of the Rebels and Rockers motorcycle club. He is also president and founding member of Braap Pack, an off-road club. One of his major accomplishments is being the youngest artist to win the Golden Key award at the Halifax Art Festival. He earned a full scholarship to the New England Art Academy and also curated an exhibition at the Daytona Art Museum.

Plus, he’s a former national wrestler, which is probably unsurprising considering the energy, passion, and hunger to accomplish more than he possesses. He is also a full fledged publicist and daredevil adventurer who has performed and filmed several stunts around the world.

Additionally, Barry has acted, filmed, and released a massive number of stunt and daredevil adventures around the world. He was once chased to the Colosseum by a tour guide dressed as a gladiator. He scaled the Great Pyramid of Giza and burst into a poppy field where he was held at gunpoint by the Mexican drug cartel.

Merrimack Valley Roofing and Gutter was founded in 1976 in southern New Hampshire. They work with a variety of projects including Mansard, Saltbox or Flat Roof. They are also a major distributor of gutters in the New Hampshire area.


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