NoLo Monceau Co Applauds $850,000 Seed Funding

Melbourne-based non-alcoholic brewer Monceau Co. has secured backing from industry heavyweights in its seed funding round, raising $850,000 to fund expansion, NPD and a hospitality venue.

In Monceau’s first round, prominent investors and industry professionals, including Never Never Distillery’s George Georgiadis and Canva’s David Burson, backed the company.

The capital raise will accelerate the company’s growth and expansion plans, including the July 2022 launch of a larger-scale brewery on Barkly Street, Brunswick. The brasserie will also be open to the public as a cellar door and reception area.

Monceau Co. produces its eponymous flagship brand, Monceau, a line of non-alcoholic sparkling wine and cider alternatives, as well as Parc Pilsner, a non-alcoholic beer. Monceau is also launching a functional drink in July.

Monceau Co. founder Alan Caras said there was a growing appetite for complex and innovative soft drinks.

“The demand for Monceau and Parc this summer has pushed us beyond the limits of our current brewery. We have taken on a larger space in Brunswick that will allow us to grow and invite the public to see our unique fermentation processes,” Caras said.

Their products are featured throughout Melbourne’s restaurant scene, including Andrew McConnell’s Cumulus Inc., Marion and Builders Arms, NOMAD, ST ALi, and wine suppliers and grocers: Blackhearts & Sparrows, Spring Street Grocer and McCoppins .

Co-owner Rowan McNaught said Monceau and Parc have made powerful connections with consumers.

“We found there was this fierce loyalty and passion for our products. Our mission through 2022 and 2023 is to grow our distribution and make Monceau and Parc accessible in wine shops and restaurants across the country,” said McNaught.

The Monceau product has found success as an ultra-low alcohol substitute for sparkling wine. The production process uses winemaking methods, while replacing a strain of kombucha yeast that naturally limits alcohol.

Monceau intersects with three major health-related beverage trends: adult alcohol-free, functional/probiotic and low-sugar, while Parc is both alcohol-free and sugar-free, capitalizing on the growing growth of consumers seeking healthier consumption habits.

“We launched Monceau to create something more interesting than a lemon, lime and bitters, something sophisticated that fits the occasion of wine and beer.

“We still wanted to have fun and engage with food and events the same way; we just wanted to drink less alcohol,” Caras said.

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