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Published on August 22, 2022 at 1:11 p.m.

With a few colors and a steady hand, individuals can create works of art that reflect the beauty of the great outdoors of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation recently launched a monthly downloadable paint by number.

The group submitted plans for paintings of a sunset at Tobyhanna State Park, a bald eagle at Black Moshannon State Park, and a kayaker on the water at Kettle State Park. Creek.

For the month of August, they are featuring one of the Beltzville State Parks near Lehighton.

While most DIY paintings are created from photos submitted to the PPFF, this one comes from the artist turning the submissions into paint by numbers.

“I love Beltzville State Park and find it a wonderful place to walk, either with dogs or alone, and I’ve been going there for years,” said Melodie Higgins, of West End.

If she’s not walking, she’s taking pictures or kayaking on the lake. On the day the photo was taken, she was with her husband and their greyhound puppy.

To create paint-by-numbers, Higgins makes a color sketch of a photograph. She paints it, then traces the outlines of the different colors to create a template.

Then she “numbers” the sections and develops a color key that matches the numbers.

While the August one is hers, others are from photographers across the state.

“There are some really good photographers out there who do an amazing job of capturing the beautiful landscapes that nature provides across the parks,” Higgins said.

She said her goal in creating the paintings was to provide people with a different way to enjoy the parks.

“There are many opportunities for active hikers, boaters and outdoor enthusiasts, but I believe the arts can also provide an important way to enjoy nature and feel connected to it,” he said. she stated. “I hope when people connect with nature, they will feel inspired to protect and preserve it.”

People can download and print the paint by number by visiting and searching for ‘paint by number’.

They are encouraged to share their completed work on social media and tag the PPFF.

Based in Camp Hill, the non-profit organization sponsors Friends of Beltzville, Friends of Tuscarora and Locust Lake state parks and other “friends” groups across the Commonwealth.

“Walking on the Beach” is a paint-by-number of Beltzville State Park available from the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation. The photo was taken by Melodie Higgins, who turns photographs submitted to the PPFF into paint-by-numbers each month. PICTURES SUBMITTED

This trout swimming underwater is paint by number available from the Pennsylvania Parks and Forests Foundation.

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