Public Safety – The Spine

house fire

Two residents of a house on White Lake Road in Highland were overwhelmed by smoke inhalation and three dogs perished in a fire that broke out at 4.49pm on August 23. The first floor of the farmhouse was in flames when firefighters arrived.

Firefighters quickly fought the blaze and a fourth dog was able to escape. One person was taken to Huron Valley Hospital for treatment and released. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

“There was a delay in calling 911 as they attempted to rescue their pets,” Fire Chief Ken Chapman said. “I would like to remind everyone that it is crucial to call us immediately in an emergency so that we can reach you quickly.”


A 53-year-old Holly man told detectives he signed a contract in January this year with Red’s General Contracting for a pole barn but no work was done. According to a crime report, the man gave the owner of the construction company a deposit of $40,500 for the project.

The check was cashed and despite numerous calls and a visit to the company office, there was no work done on the barn.

MPs spoke to the owner of the business who said he had the funds to pay the man but was concerned about the police report as he was convicted of ‘exploiting in a state of harm’. ‘drunk’ and that the report violated his probation.

A warrant for theft by conversion was issued to the owner of the business.

Identity theft

A Milford Township man came to the Highland Sheriff’s Station on August 15 to tell deputies he believed he had been the victim of identity theft. The man said he was contacted by credit company Experian warning him that a potentially fraudulent account had been opened in his name for Cirro Energy, a Texas utility company.

The man told deputies he did not own any property in Texas and there was no reason an account had been opened in his name. A crime report has been published.

Harassing communications

Deputies were called to a house on Beaumont Road in Highland on August 22. The owner said his son and his family were receiving threats from his son’s girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

The former boyfriend threatened to fight the man’s son and mentioned details about the family’s home and vehicles.

Contacted by MPs, the former boyfriend said he made no threats and pledged not to contact his former girlfriend or her family.

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