Remarkable dog paints one-of-a-kind image now up for auction

This extraordinary pooch ‘Paw-casso’ was filmed painting a one-of-a-kind masterpiece which has now been auctioned off – the ‘abstract’ piece is set to fetch hundreds of pounds. Remarkable cocker spaniel Leo has already learned to play hopscotch, tennis and xylophone this year and is now selling his amazing art to the highest bidder.

The images show how Leo spent a month perfecting his pink, blue and purple creation, named ‘Pawsitivity’, holding the brush in his mouth and drawing strokes on the 30cm x 40cm canvas. While he’s part of a wider exhibit, his owner Emily Anderson, 31, says other dogs ‘don’t paint like Leo’, who she says has an ‘instinct for art’.

In a clip posted by dog ​​trainer Emily, Leo dips his paintbrush in non-toxic metallic paint and confidently applies it to the canvas with broad brushstrokes like a true professional. Emily, from Aberdeen, Scotland, said: “Leo is so excited. I’ve never seen a dog with Leo’s style, he’s fine with it.

“I didn’t need to teach him, it’s like he had an instinct for art. I taught him to hold the brush but I didn’t teach him to sweep it up and down.

“There’s a drawer in the back room where he paints and he starts drooling as soon as he spots it. His tail wags at 100 mph.” Leo’s creation is part of a charity auction for the Tripawds Foundation, which runs the event to help support dogs and cats who have lost limbs to cancer.

The auction kicks off May 27, where art connoisseurs can browse 20 paintings and bid online. Emily said: “My friend was looking for paint dogs for this auction.

“So last month’s assignment was to paint. It took a few tries and then we picked the best one to auction off. Other dogs take the brush and just stab it – they don’t paint like Leo.

“He manages to stay spotless. I’m covered in paint but he’s super clean, he rarely gets any on him while my hands are covered in paint. Leo had learned to play the xylophone shortly before doing the painting. He just started doing this.

“It’s not what I thought it would look like. Leo put his own spin on it – he goes for the abstract look. Last year his painting cost $130 [£103.90]. The starting bid for this is $30, but we hope to beat the $130.

“It would be great to get at least £200 for the charity this time around, if not more.”

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