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Athens Mayor Steve Patterson said on Thursday the Stimson Avenue road project is experiencing some minor delays and the city is working with the construction company to possibly extend work shifts.

For months, motorists have been greeted on Stimson with one-way signs and a sea of ​​orange cones as Trucco Construction works to repair the Stimson Causeway, which was originally built in the 1960s, Patterson said.

The Stimson Avenue Improvement Project will rebuild Stimson Avenue between State Street and Grant Street, according to the city’s website.

Upgrades include replacing city-owned utilities (water, sanitary and storm sewer), installing decorative lighting, improving existing traffic lights, replacing curbs and sidewalks, installing more visible pedestrian crossings and the replacement of the existing roadway with a new concrete roadway.

Now, the project completion date may be pushed back a month due to the age of the road – and what lies below.

Stimson’s Causeway, Patterson said, was in the past the site of the rails from which the Athens Block bricks were shipped. Now, as construction picks up on the project, they’re finding some interesting things.

Patterson recently said construction crews encountered a mysterious pipe system. The system did not appear on any city map or Columbia Gas map.

“So they found themselves encountering more things like this than what’s happened with other projects in town,” Patterson said. “It creates problems when you probe there. “

Due to some delays, the project is now scheduled to end in October, but the city is now anticipating a framework in late November for the road to be fully opened to traffic.

To achieve that goal, Patterson said he’s working with Delaware County-based Trucco to potentially add extra shifts to their construction schedule.

Currently, teams work Monday through Friday on 10 hour shifts. Patterson is investigating the possibility of night or Saturday shifts.

The extra hours of work will increase the cost of the project, but Patterson said it is still expected to fall within the $ 7 million budget for the project.

With construction limiting one-way traffic, local businesses are experiencing a reduction in traffic to their stores, Patterson said. He said he “constantly encourages” residents to patronize the businesses on Stimson Avenue.

“The challenges we face with Stimson are certainly greater than the challenges we have faced with other road projects,” said Patterson. “The challenges this poses to all businesses on any major corridor (during construction) in the city are not unique to Stimson Avenue.”

Trucco Construction could not be reached for comment at the time of posting.

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