The 25 Best Housewarming Gifts for New Homeowners

As exciting as it is to give up renting and own a home for the first time, the process can be quite stressful. Along with all the packing, moving, and unpacking part, new owners are responsible for kitting out their new digs with everything they need to operate on a day-to-day basis. It’s there that you intervene.

Chances are, new homeowners want to choose their furniture and decor to make their space feel like home. But the right housewarming gift for a loved one can take the stress out of kitchen storage or living room gear. It might even provide a small opportunity for self-care during a big transition.

Do you know someone who is about to move or has just moved into a new space? Here are 25 housewarming gift ideas they’ll actually use.

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A little greenery can make all the difference in livening up a space, and the recipient can choose their own pot to personalize it. If you are giving a plant, choose one that is simple and easy to maintain, such as a ZZ plant or a snake plant. Neither requires a ton of light or water to thrive – one less stressor for new owners.

Even if you think you have enough, the tea towels will disappear from the laundry pile. This neutral set will look great in any kitchen. Plus, it’s woven with recycled cotton and linen for extra durability and absorbency.

What’s more on the nose – literally – than a candle that smells of possibility and future memories? This one, created by the Homesick brand, has notes of jasmine, cedarwood and lime. It burns for over 60 hours – just enough time for your gift recipient to settle into their new space.

When you are lost, grab a gift card. That way, new homeowners can choose something they’re sure to use in their spare time, whether it’s a pack of paper towels or fresh linens.

Now that they finally have space to entertain, any new owner will appreciate a nice charcuterie board. This one is equipped with a serving tray, bowls and a set of knives for easy entertaining.

Another entertainment staple? A board game that everyone will love. Equal parts strategy and wordplay, Codenames is ideal for two players or larger groups of up to eight people. Plus, it’s small, so it won’t take up valuable storage space in the recipient’s new home.

The best part about this drawer organizer isn’t the pretty bamboo finish: it’s the fact that it’s expandable, so it’ll fit anywhere in the kitchen. New homeowners will appreciate the help keeping their space organized as they pile up cutlery and other utensils!

Welcome mats are an easy way to add style and warmth to an entryway — and even if a homeowner already has one, they likely have more than one entryway, or their existing mat will eventually get dirty.

This white acrylic tray adds a modern aesthetic to any room, but it’s also super functional, serving as coffee table decor, a deli tray, or even an entryway tote. Want to respond to the recipient’s style? The tray is available in three other colors: black, transparent and yellow.

Movie nights and lazy mornings both call for a cozy blanket, and this one definitely hits the mark. It’s made from super soft (no shedding!) faux fur that’s easy to freshen up in the laundry, and it’s available in multiple sizes and colors.

You can never have too many bottle openers, especially if they are multifunctional. This affordable zinc alloy opener opens bottles and unscrews caps, making it a stylish and functional addition to any drawer or bar cart.

Are you looking for a useful gift to take care of yourself and entertain yourself? This assortment of tea bags comes with its own (surprisingly cute) storage box that your recipient can easily pull out to unwind before bed.

Another must-have for adult drinkers: a trusty cocktail shaker. This one is neutral enough to look pretty on any counter or bar cart. It is equipped with a strainer and the cap functions as a measuring cup (with measuring marks).

It’s great coffee table decor, but this book also has tons of great home-making tips and lifestyle tips focused on decluttering. What homeowner doesn’t need expert advice to keep things clean?

Even though homebuyers are attached to kitchen gadgets, it’s nice to have an extra set of tools for those special occasions. Wrap this minimalist cookware set in a cute tea towel with ribbon for a fun touch.

Encourage much-needed de-stress bathing with this bath caddy, which expands to fit the width of almost any tub. Make the gift even more special by including bath salts, a candle or a bottle of wine.

Every home (or room!) needs a set of coasters to protect surfaces from condensation while adding a welcome touch. This set, made of real marble and accented with gold leaf, is about as gorgeous as it gets.

If you prefer to give flowers, go the extra mile and arrange them in a pretty container for the recipient to keep. This modern ceramic vase is available in three colors that will match any home decor: white, pink and black.

Encourage your homeowner friends to spend more time in their new kitchen with a cookbook full of delicious recipes. Bonus points if you pair it with groceries or a grocery delivery gift card to make cooking even easier.

Soap bottles, necessary for our hygiene, are not always pretty. Help the new homeowners in your life upgrade their setup with these beautiful amber bottles they can fill with dish detergent or hand soap. They even come with waterproof labels.

The more someone cooks, the more leftovers there are and the more food storage options they will need. Encourage less waste (and save money on single-use plastic) with these handy BPA-free storage bags, which can be hand washed and reused over and over again!

The best housewarming gifts are the ones you probably wouldn’t buy for yourself. These chilli, garlic, lemon and basil olive oils are the perfect example. Most of us use oil for everyday cooking, but how many of us go out of our way to add a fun flavor to the process?

You have mixing bowls, then you have nestable mixing bowls with lids. These beauties would look great on a counter, but they’re also useful for preparing, serving and storing food. Plus, multi-use products mean fewer items to store and organize!

Most people have enough coffee cups, but what about iced coffee cups with reusable lids and straws? Add this set to your cart if you know any owners who are also coffee lovers (or, really, any type of drink lover).

If the owners are not lucky enough to have a real wine cellar, then this wooden wine rack is the next best thing. If you can swing it, bring a bottle or two to complete the gift or enjoy it with the recipients at a housewarming party.

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