The new colorful mural sucking pollution from Bristol’s streets


A carbon-absorbent mural – which “sucks” pollution from Bristol’s streets – has been painted in the city.

Eco-friendly street art appeared this week in Bristol and London and was painted using a specialist carbon offset paint.

The Bristol mural, on display at the Center Promenade, was created by artist Jody Thomas and is one of the first of its kind in the world.

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It was designed using carbon absorbent paint from industry leader Graphenstone and will absorb an incredible 2.6kg of CO2.

Jody is a Bristol-based aerosol artist specializing in photorealism.

He attended the infamous Barton Hill Aerosol Art Project at the same time as Banksy and is best known for his 15-meter-tall mural of activist Greta Thunberg in 2019, which Thunberg went on to define as his Instagram profile picture.

The mural was commissioned by Lindeman’s Wine as part of its ongoing commitment to solving environmental issues.

Graphenstone paint, the secret ingredient behind murals, is a lime based product with graphene technology.

Artist Jody Thomas with his anti-pollution mural

These paints are free from VOCs, carcinogenic or toxic substances and reduce CO2.

Through a natural process, during carbonation, lime absorbs CO2 from the ambient air and purifies the air we breathe.

Artist Jody Thomas, who created the Bristol mural, said: “With my work, I like to raise awareness about important issues where possible, especially as it relates to climate change.

“Working with Lindeman’s on this mural was the perfect opportunity to support a brand that aims to do the same.

“The mural addresses environmental issues in a playful and artistic way, while actively absorbing CO2.

Lindeman’s partnership with the Carbon Trust over the past year has enabled it to measure and offset the carbon footprint of its entire product portfolio in Europe, while implementing emission reduction measures of carbon, in particular light bottles and by making its packaging more recyclable.

Lindeman’s has also invested in a range of carbon positive projects to help offset CO2 emissions, including solar and wind power and reforestation projects.

These resulted in carbon savings of 45,394 tonnes, which is equivalent to taking approx. 32,000 cars off-road for a year or the equivalent carbon uptake of over 2 million trees per year.

The Australian wine brand has also launched its Buy One initiative, Plant One Tree which will allow customers to virtually plant a tree with every bottle of Lindeman’s purchased. The initiative aims to plant 317,000 additional trees over a period of 3 months.

Camilla Pendleton, Senior Brand Manager for Lindeman said Our goal for some time has been for Lindeman’s to become carbon neutral and we have put forward new measures and initiatives to help reduce our impact on the environment even further.

“We wanted to work with talented local artists and with Jody Thomas on board to mark the milestone with murals that not only look great, but are also great for air pollution in Bristol.

“We all have a responsibility to take care of our planet and we hope our campaign inspires others to do the same. “

After installation, each mural will be donated to projects who will use it as part of their broader community sustainability initiatives.

The Bristol mural will be hosted at BARBI – British Association of Restaurants, Bars & Independents – supporting Bristol hospitality facilities comprising over 400 venues and 10,000 employees.

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