The ultimate summer beauty checklist to get you ready for the months ahead


‘Euphoria’ makeup artist Doniella Davy has launched a line of heady decals inspired by looks she created for show stars Zendaya and Hunter Schafer. Donni X Face lace decals, from € 14

Zendaya and Hunter Schafer

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Someone is calling security because we found a product that is about to transform colored lengths. L’Oréal Professionnel’s Expert Metal Detox Series combines an in-salon pre-treatment with an at-home shampoo and mask designed to target copper build-up that can build up during hair washing due to pipe corrosion. of water. Charlotte Feltin, director of L’Oreal Haircare Laboratories, said the breakthrough was a “molecule called Glicoamine, an active agent capable of trapping and neutralizing metal.” Studies show an impressive 87% reduction in breakage, so take a plunge.

Savor a scoop of relaxation with the UK’s very first CBD-infused ice cream from the Oppo brothers. Absolutely delicious and said it decreases anxiety with every bite we can’t think of an excuse not to ruin everything. Choc ‘n’ Chill, £ 4.50, available in select supermarkets nationwide

Notice to sensitive skin prone to rosacea: there is a new serum in town that can be the answer to your worries. Kalme TeQ serum uses the patented prebiotic Prebiulin AGA extracted from the Mexican agave plant to first repel Bacillus oleronius, a skin bacteria associated with rosacea flare-ups, and also maintain and replenish the skin microbiome, preventing redness , inflammation and hypersensitivity. Now where’s the salt and the lime? £ 16.50 (

From our cover star Iris Law’s crop to RiRi’s pixie look, it looks like the close-up cut has a moment. Considering this? Hold your horses because superstylist Larry King says there are a few things to consider.


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“First, take a close look at the pattern of hair growth around the hairline, especially in the front. If you have cow licks, movements, or widow’s picks, this could determine how short you should go and if it’s a good idea to leave it on for a bit longer.

It is also important to consider the texture of the hair. If you have slightly wavy hair and don’t take it short enough, you might end up with strands standing upright in the front so that they don’t sit quite properly.

In these cases it is a good idea to leave them a bit longer to get a curl at the bangs or to take them extremely short at grade 2 or 3. If your hair is straight and you have a hairline soft that sits well, you can choose this one. length you want.

For a crop on a woman, I still think it’s a good idea to leave it on a bit longer than intended, so that you can get soft edges around the ears and the hairline, which gives it a more feminine touch.

A lot of people take a big hit and assume they can forget to use products, but remember that at any length products define and soften the perimeters, so always use a styling clay to remove all plush.

Those with activewear sticking out of their gym drawers should consider donating any unwanted items to Fit SW11 Apparel, an organization that’s on a mission to make sure every woman can feel empowered to do so. exercise with access to free or discounted fitness clothing. @ fitsw11apparel

The future is cordless (and reasonably sized), seemingly suited for handbags, and these three top performing hair tools are on a mission to prove it.

Equipped with thin plates for optimum precision, these ultra-light frizz tamers weigh less than a third of a kilogram.

The Wireless Pro

/ Cloud

Offering three different heat settings for different types of grip, this 28mm barrel is perfect for big, bouncy curls. In addition, it cools down in a few moments.

The Babyliss 9000

/ Babyliss

Promising the same brilliant and consistent results as its older siblings, this smart device heats up to 185 ° C in just 40 seconds and runs at full capacity for 20 minutes non-stop.

GHD unplugged


Tired of walking on city sidewalks? Visit RunFestRun in Hampshire next month for a totally kitsch and wellness weekend like no other. The perfect blend of fitness and festival hedonism, the event features gorgeous trails designed by Olympic medalist Steve Cram, Q&A with Paula Radcliffe, DJ sets all night and live feedback sounds from Nile Rodgers & Chic, All Saints and Texas. Tickets from £ 35. August 27-29. Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire (

Despite the endless array of shades, textures, and foundation formats on offer in the beauty stratosphere, it can still be ridiculously difficult to find this one. Enter Dcypher, the very first fully digital foundation customization service that identifies the perfect formula for you with just three facial scans designed to tell the brand’s lab your shade, skin type and undertones. Once it has found your perfect match, simply choose the finish and coverage you desire and wait at the door for the postman. Dcypher Custom Foundation, £ 28 (

Steal LDN

/ Not dead yet

Put on your cheerful rags and sweat it out with Not Dead Yet, the fitness movement that turns iconic LGBTQ + club nights into inclusive workouts designed to put you on just as many endorphins. Don’t miss DJ Reece Spooner’s spin cycle at Core Collective by Little Gay Brother and Bollywood-themed vinyasa yoga at Fly LDN. From £ 7 (

Echelon smart mirror

/ Step

If you just can’t stand the thought of going back to an IRL gym, invest in the Echelon Smart Mirror, a 50-inch wall-mounted display that streams hundreds of Pilates, boxing and meditation classes live. while reflecting your every move to ensure you are practicing the best technique. From £ 1,799 (

A decidedly stylish reincarnation of Skinwork has appeared on Peter Street in Soho, and you absolutely must go for the City Cleanse Facial. Designed to rid the skin of pollutants and impurities that love our poor pores so much, the 55-minute rapid treatment consists of antibacterial pore extraction, resurfacing microdermabrasion, an infusion of free radical-fighting antioxidants and lactic acid and mandelic peel to remove dead skin cells, pronto. City Cleans Facial, £ 175. Skinwork, 24 Peter Street, W1 (

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