Tito’s latest product is an empty can: why? Because they can. – Food

Inspired by the glut of fortified seltzer on the shelves of grocery stores and package stores, Tito’s would like to remind you that they are in the business of vodka and vodka onlythank you very much.

To that end, they bring you Tito’s in a Can, a 16-ounce steel double-wall insulated refillable can that’s packed with nothing but potential.

That’s right, for $20 you can be the proud owner of a can! While the idea behind the product, according to Taylor Berry, Tito’s vice president of brand marketing, is to give consumers control of their own seltzer – indeed, you can put vodka and other mixers (like sparkling water and lime juice!). The possibilities are limitless. There are recipes on the side of the box, or you can take it to work with your coffee in it for office yucks! Use it as a pen holder! Hide your money there and store it in your freezer in case of an emergency! Put your weed there.

Tito’s in a Can is rightly available at titosinacan.com or at the Love, Tito’s store at 215 Lavaca. All net proceeds are donated to the nonprofit customer’s choice, which can be selected at checkout. Tito’s current nonprofit grantees are Accion Opportunity Fund, American Farmland Trust, Emancipet, Hire Heroes USA, and Meals on Wheels America.

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